Training Category Next Session
Voluntary ServicesAboriginal Social WorkAug 30, 2021
GuardianshipAboriginal Social WorkOct 12, 2021
Child ProtectionAboriginal Social WorkJul 6, 2021
EvaluationAboriginal Social Work
Adoption OnlineCommunity & Family SupportSep 13, 2021
All My Relations: Supporting Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ* YouthCommunity & Family Support
C-92 Training: Federal Act for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and FamiliesCommunity & Family SupportTBD
Community Collaborative Case ManagementCommunity & Family Support
Designated Representative TrainingCommunity & Family SupportSep 21, 2021
Ending Violence: Passing the TorchCommunity & Family Support
Family Support Worker TrainingCommunity & Family SupportSep 28, 2021
Conflict Transformation SeminarCommunity & Family SupportTBD
Community in Support of Indigenous Families: Understanding Abuse and NeglectCommunity & Family SupportTBD
Board of Directors TrainingLeadership & Governance Best PracticesTBD
Recruitment and Retention of Indigenous PeopleLeadership & Governance Best PracticesNov 23, 2021
Understanding & Healing Lateral Violence Training (2 day)Community & Family Support
Understanding & Healing Lateral Violence SeminarCommunity & Family SupportTBD
Supervisory TrainingLeadership & Governance Best PracticesTBD
Understanding Money Matters for Non-Profit LeadershipLeadership & Governance Best PracticesSep 7, 2021
Gladue for Probation OfficersJustice & EquityTBD
Gladue Writer TrainingJustice & EquityAug 30, 2021
Cultural Perspectives TrainingCultural PerspectivesJul 7, 2021
Understanding HistoryCultural Perspectives
Building Local RelationshipsCultural Perspectives
Dispelling Myths and StereotypesCultural Perspectives
Discovery SessionCultural Perspectives
Understanding & Implementing C-92 in Indigenous CommunitiesCommunity & Family Support