Training Category Next Session
Voluntary Services Aboriginal Social Work Sep 12, 2022
Guardianship Aboriginal Social Work Jun 7, 2022
Child Protection Aboriginal Social Work Jun 27, 2022
Evaluation Aboriginal Social Work
Adoption Online Community & Family Support Jul 11, 2022
All My Relations: Supporting Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ* Youth Community & Family Support
C-92 Training: Federal Act for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families Community & Family Support TBD
Community Collaborative Case Management Community & Family Support
Designated Representative Training Community & Family Support Sep 27, 2022
Ending Violence: Passing the Torch Community & Family Support
Family Support Worker Training Community & Family Support TBD
Conflict Transformation Seminar Community & Family Support TBD
Community in Support of Indigenous Families: Understanding Abuse and Neglect Community & Family Support TBD
Board of Directors Training Leadership & Governance Best Practices Nov 22, 2022
Recruitment and Retention of Indigenous People Leadership & Governance Best Practices Jul 22, 2022
Understanding & Healing Lateral Violence Training (2 day) Community & Family Support
Understanding & Healing Lateral Violence Seminar Community & Family Support Oct 4, 2022
Supervisory Training Leadership & Governance Best Practices Jun 28, 2022
Understanding Money Matters for Non-Profit Leadership Leadership & Governance Best Practices TBD
Gladue for Probation Officers Justice & Equity TBD
Gladue Writer Training Justice & Equity Aug 29, 2022
Cultural Perspectives Training Cultural Perspectives Jul 8, 2022
Understanding History Cultural Perspectives
Building Local Relationships Cultural Perspectives TBD
Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes Cultural Perspectives
Discovery Session Cultural Perspectives
Understanding & Implementing C-92 in Indigenous Communities Community & Family Support
Fundamentals of Gladue for Communities Justice & Equity
Youth Leadership Workshop Series Community & Family Support June 12, 2022