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Creating Excellence through Training and Leadership

Your donation can help make a difference in training organizations and individuals to be positive, safe, and culturally inclusive.

“We have communities and organizations throughout BC and across Canada that cannot afford the training they need,” said IPS Associate Director Rachelle Dallaire. “We get a lot of requests from front line service providers and communities wanting to make positive changes, but they do not have the budget to support their learning needs. Our motto is creating excellence through training and leadership, and that is exactly what we hope to do with the funds generated from this campaign.”

Donate to support communities and organizations throughout BC and across Canada access the training they need to fulfill their role in reconciliation.

Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) is a charitable and not-for-profit social enterprise that offers training programs and services that help foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives, cultural differences, and the need for self-determination. By creating excellence through training and leadership, we help strengthen lives and build successful relationships in our communities.

Our participants include leaders, government employees, service providers, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, parents, caregivers, and youth who are using their training both professionally and personally in communities throughout British Columbia and across Canada.

Make your contribution today by using one of our easy giving options: One-Time Donation, Monthly Giving or Legacy Giving.


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“IPS is a crucial resource for First Nations agencies in BC. Their training and policy programs are well respected nationally ensuring that BC First Nations are included in important national initiatives such as the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.”
– C. Blackstock, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society

“We learn a great deal from you, as well as the confidence needed to go out into our communities and do this type of work.”
D. Baker, Aboriginal Social Worker