Indigenous Perspectives Society: Centre of Excellence in Community Education (IPS) offers Cultural Perspectives Training (CPT) to help governments, organizations, businesses and individuals deepen their understanding and develop actionable ideas to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

IPS offers a very popular CARF accredited Cultural Perspectives Training. This one-day training is relevant and beneficial for all audiences.

IPS also offers three 3-hour workshops that support learning about Indigenous cultural perspectives and allyship:

For audiences or clients who may be unsure of which training option will best suit their needs, IPS offers a Discovery Session. This introductory overview of IPS courses will outline learning options and outcomes.  

Training Category Next Session
Cultural Perspectives Training Cultural Perspectives Oct 9, 2024
Understanding History Cultural Perspectives TBD
Building Local Relationships Cultural Perspectives TBD
Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes Cultural Perspectives TBD
Discovery Session Cultural Perspectives TBD
Holding Space For Healing: Understanding Crisis in Community Cultural Perspectives TBD
  • I loved the Indigenous Perspectives Society's Cultural Perspectives Training. The facilitators, Lizz and Connie, were fantastic. Their brilliant blend of knowledge, awareness, humour and humility on such a crucial topic made this full day training incredibly rewarding and enlightening. I would not hesitate to recommend IPS's training to any organization or individual.

    Training Participant-Tiffany L

  • This course gently guides you through a comprehensive study of many aspects of indigenous culture. It teaches you to understand the importance of knowing who your ancestors are during the exercises in self-reflection but, more importantly, it demonstrates how to honour the land and its’ original peoples and how to show gratitude for the privilege that we have as settlers to live, work and play on these ancestral lands.

    Training Participant-Mieka Michaux

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive lesson plan and the wealth of information I received. My favourite part is learning about the historic systemic barriers, including proclamations and their ideologies. IPS created the training with intention and a quickly followed plan with supporting documents and articles that solidified the stories read and increased my understanding.

    Training Participant-Lirone Davis, BGC South Vancouver Island

  • I am so grateful for this training and experience. It has helped me to appreciate the importance of not carrying the guilt of the past, but appreciating the opportunity to learn more from and reduce barriers for our local communities. We may not be responsible for what has taken place, but we are responsible to do more and make positive change for our those whose heritage has been a source of trauma imposed by our predecessors.

    Training Participant-Shawna Adams, Pacific Centre Family Services Association

  • This training and the knowledge of the facilitators provided ample opportunities for growth as a settler on Turtle Island. The training provided in-depth information that was engaging while allowing for an open space to reflect on past and present harms of colonialism. I really enjoyed how the training made you think about tangible and action-oriented change towards decolonization at an organizational level.

    Training Participant-Abigail Miller, Yukon Human Rights Commission

  • Rachelle facilitated this experience with great care, tenderness and passion. She held the space in a way that allowed for each person to process the information in the way that they needed, with open dialogue. The focus on allyship and advocacy was refreshing in that it provided ways in which to start considering how I might individually and corporately better engage in reconciliation and bridge-building. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate and will utilize the additional materials provided in the online modules in my practice moving forward! Very informative!

    Training Participant-Jessica, PCFSA