One example is ‘The Backpack Project’, first launched in November 2013. Through the leadership and support of Children’s Aid Foundation’s Ted and Loretta Rogers Foster Care Transition Program, this annual project aims to improve the experience of children coming into care by providing items and resources that aid in their comfort, well-being, safety, and sense of security. 

The IPS Indigenous Youth Leadership Workshop Series 2022, supported by Vancouver Foundation, is an example of how IPS engages and supports Indigenous youth in and from care. 

Previous Projects

  • The Aboriginal Operation and Practice Standards and Indicators Redesign Project (“Starting from a Traditional Place”)
  • Reviewed CFCSA legislative changes and resulting policies as they relate to First Nations Child and Family Service Agencies
  • Technical and administrative and policy support for BC Tripartite Table
  • Administrative and coordination support for Directors Forum and Partnership Forum meetings
  • Developed and distributed a policy Resource Manual for First Nations Delegated Child and Family Service Agencies
  • Conducted a policy needs survey of First Nations Delegated Aboriginal Agencies
  • Prepared and distributed strategic briefing materials and updates on MCFD regionalization for Agency Directors
  • Provided coordination, administrative and technical support for meetings of the Directors Forum, its subcommittees and the Joint Aboriginal Management Committee
  • Created ‘best practice’ survey for Directors to support discussions at the Tripartite Table and prepared a draft Memorandum of Understanding with the First Nations Summit on behalf of Directors Forum
  • Ensured timely sharing of information with Agency Directors regarding changes to government decisions on policy, funding and governance
  • Developed a Discussion paper on Kinship Care and the recent legislative enactment of Section 54.1 of the CFCSA
  • Conducted a survey and developed a Research Resource binder on Kinship Care and Custom Adoption
  • Facilitated workshop on protocol development for First Nations Child and Family Service Agencies
  • Revisions of the Aboriginal Operational Practice Standards and Indicators
  • A policy framework that reflects the position of Agency directors in the B.C. Tripartite Table (following up on recommendations of the National Policy Review) – intended to influence funding and policy decisions on INAC regarding ‘maintenance’ and operations
  • Reviewed the Adoption Act and formulated a discussion paper in regard to Custom Adoptions
  • Presented at the Indigenous Child Welfare Research Network Conference
  • Participated in the Second Canadian Roundtable on Child Welfare Outcomes