HeroWork is a charity that transforms other charities by renovating their buildings. They do this through large community events they call Radical Renovations. By mobilizing the community, hundreds of volunteers, businesses, donors, and in-kind sponsors, the result is a transformed building at a fraction of the typical time and cost.

HeroWork’s goal is to renew and expand non-profit community infrastructure so charities can make a bigger impact, become more sustainable, better serve vulnerable populations, and lift up neighbourhoods where these important services are provided.

This Fall HeroWork will transform the Indigenous Perspectives Society building inside and out, top to bottom, making it more efficient, more sustainable, more culturally relevant, and empower IPS to make a bigger difference in community.

The Indigenous Perspectives Society Building

IPS’s building is a former die casting shop. While it has been partially renovated in the past, some current infrastructure challenges include:
• The building—a rectangular cinder block box—lacks cultural relevance.
• There is little to no natural light in many sections of the building.
• There is little soundproofing between the upper and lower floors, disrupting training.
• Training spaces are constricted, inhibiting larger group trainings.
• Workspaces are cramped and inefficient.
• Airflow is poor.
• Exterior landscaping is non-existent.
• The front façade is unwelcoming and has little cultural appropriateness.

HeroWork will achieve a transformed building that reflects Indigenous values, engendering psychological safety for the important work that goes on there. A redesigned building façade and landscaping will echo our work. Improved workflow and increased size of training spaces, will improve overall efficiency and sustainability.

HeroWork will also help program expansion with newly configured spaces to accommodate up to 50 participants. Culturally relevant designs will improve cultural safety and addition of windows will bring in more natural light. Operational efficiencies and sustainability will be improved with a redesigned interior layout, an addition of washrooms (including an accessible stall and gender-neutral stalls) will support larger groups, plus increased soundproofing will allow better focus of participants and staff.

Our IPS board, staff and community are so excited to be part of this amazing project with HeroWork and their team of staff and volunteers. We can’t wait to see what our finished IPS Radical Renovation will look like! We express our deepest gratitude to HeroWork Victoria and to all the volunteers and donors that make their work possible. For more information about how to volunteer or donate to help with this important project please CLICK HERE. Thank you!!