IPS offers customized training courses and a range of consulting services to support organizations build their capacity, define their goals and develop processes to achieve desired outcomes. Consulting services include:

Indigenous Child & Family Support Services

IPS Indigenous Child and Family Support consulting services bring best practices in Indigenous child welfare and British Columbia Provincial Legislation and Standards to organizations developing policy and delivering services.
IPS expertise includes leadership, administration, assessment, intervention and planning within the context of Indigenous communities, organizations, and cultures.

Strategic Planning ​

IPS Strategic Planning helps identify a clear vision for your organization by reflecting on your successes and assessing ongoing initiatives to explore and prioritize new opportunities. The IPS Team has successfully completed many strategic planning processes and achieved major goals. Our team enjoys continuous learning and sharing of strategic planning best practices. IPS Facilitators can assist your Board and Staff to choose your next directions and envision how to successfully accomplish new goals by:
  • Establishing or recognizing organizational priorities
  • Strengthening operations by focusing energy and resources
  • Ensuring a shared framework is developed to enable employees and other stakeholders to work together towards common goals
  • Establishing consensus and agreement around intended outcomes and results

Cultural Knowledge Needs Assessment & Planning

IPS Cultural Knowledge Needs Assessment offers a process for teams and organizations of any size. We bring experience working with staff and leadership on organizational culture and capacity to strengthen Indigenous engagement, recruitment and retention.

The cultural needs assessment process includes:

  • Identifying factors that may be impacting individual and organizational effectiveness
  • Identifying policies and procedures to increase cultural safety in the work place
  • Addressing workplace concerns in a controlled, informed and intentional way
  • Coaching leadership about how decisions and actions affect workplace environment, culture and performance
  • Incorporating best practices to increase and support cultural diversity
  • Designing a process of shared ownership for resolution
  • Validating existing success, providing strategies for addressing challenges, and identifying opportunities for continued development

Policy Development​

IPS Policy Development Services support both Indigenous and non-Indigenous agencies. The IPS team studies, reviews and evaluates regulatory, statutory, and other relevant changes, to determine impacts on Indigenous agencies. By interpreting legislative and policy directions, the IPS team can help to develop recommendations and provide advice on specific policy or program development options.

IPS is actively engaged in Indigenous child, family and community policy work, in the following ways:

  • Providing ongoing support through working groups and committees of emerging child welfare policy
  • Participating in ongoing and emerging initiatives, such as the First Nations Canadian Incidence Study
  • Working in partnership with other like-minded organizations
  • Ongoing research on child welfare and the creation of a resource library
  • Researching options for policy training workshops

To view some previous project work completed by IPS please visit here.

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