IPS Community and Family Support training courses guide participants to be effective in their roles working collaboratively in community and family support teams. Participants are individuals interested in personal and professional development and work in both Indigenous and non-indigenous organizations throughout British Columbia and across Canada.
Training Category Next Session
Adoption OnlineCommunity & Family SupportSep 13, 2021
All My Relations: Supporting Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQ* YouthCommunity & Family Support
C-92 Training: Federal Act for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and FamiliesCommunity & Family SupportTBD
Community Collaborative Case ManagementCommunity & Family Support
Designated Representative TrainingCommunity & Family SupportSep 21, 2021
Ending Violence: Passing the TorchCommunity & Family Support
Family Support Worker TrainingCommunity & Family SupportSep 28, 2021
Conflict Transformation SeminarCommunity & Family SupportTBD
Community in Support of Indigenous Families: Understanding Abuse and NeglectCommunity & Family SupportTBD
Understanding & Healing Lateral Violence Training (2 day)Community & Family Support
Understanding & Healing Lateral Violence SeminarCommunity & Family SupportTBD
Understanding & Implementing C-92 in Indigenous CommunitiesCommunity & Family Support