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Welcome to Indigenous Adoption Online (AOL). Indigenous Adoption Online is training for caregivers, pre-adoptive parents, post-adoptive parents, social workers, interdisciplinary professionals, and anyone working in the field of Aboriginal/Indigenous child and family service delivery.

AOL identifies historical and contemporary impacts of colonization, inter-generational trauma, and the regeneration of positive culture identity development. Learning from the Adoption Online training activities supports a commitment to creating and maintaining cultural connections by promoting the holistic well-being of Indigenous children.

AOL is delivered over an 7-week period and is accessible 24 hours a day. Participants can expect 3-5 hours a week of study to complete Adoption Online training. AOL’s flexible, self-paced, and asynchronous format engages participants and is offered through our Moodle learning management system.

  • At Indigenous Perspectives Society, we offer comfortable and appropriate learning spaces, therefore we place caregivers and social workers in separate streams of the Adoptions On-Line course. Please email us at once you have registered for the course to let us know your role.
  • If you are a week late signing on to the system after the course opens, you will be asked to re-register into the next cohort. This is to ensure that the cohort progresses together and benefits from the learning environment in tandem with your fellow participants.
  • I wish to thank you for recommending the AOL course when I first sent you an inquiry back in April. It was a great learning experience! I have much more to learn, of course, but I now have the tools and resources to help me on my journey as a parent.

    Richard, AOL Participant

  • This course run by the Indigenous Perspectives Society is one I have recommended again and again to families who are either thinking about adoption or have adopted.

    Ali Jayne, AOL Participant

  • Adoptions Online (AOL) training! I’m so glad to be asked to take this training. It was easy to follow and one of the most valuable courses to take to help our kids to be successful and proud of who they are and to help them to be part of their family, community and to stand tall, rich in culture, values and wisdom.

    Gabriela Porcina, AOL Participant

  • Wayne Reeve's course on Aboriginal Pre-Adoptions Online (AOL) training was really informative in terms of history, racial development, racism and stereotyping, and the important of cultural identity. I am leaving this course with some useful tips for the families I work with.

    Aubin McTaggart, Skeetchestn Indian Band

  • The training helped me realize that we view our world in the perspective of what grew up with. We read about histories based on the perspective of the culture that taught us. It was eye opening to view the history in the eyes of the indigenous people and the struggles they went through. It helped me realize what their current struggles are and how we can walk alongside and learn so we can better equip our children about their history and culture.

    Training Participant-Woo Taek Jung

  • The course provided a variety of in-depth and insightful learning opportunities. Would recommend to other professionals working in the child welfare field.

    Training Participant-Rachel

  • I learned so much about Indigenous culture and also about how colonialism has impacted the wellbeing of many generations of Indigenous people on Turtle Island. As a settler and immigrant this course was a wake-up call to me about how the residential school system and the 60s scoop traumatized and disconnected Indigenous people from their ancestral cultures and families. I also benefited from learning about how important it is for Indigenous children to develop a strong sense of Indigenous identity. Due to this course, I know more about how to be effective ally for Indigenous children in care and how to combat systemic racism. I recommend this important course for anyone involved in the care of Indigenous children.

    Training Participant-Pierre-André Sonolet

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