Indigenous Perspectives Society is an accredited organization through CARF International and operates according to their Child and Youth Services Standards. This complaint form has been provided in compliance with the following CARF Standard:

The organization identifies clear protocols related to formal complaints, as identified by the organization.

Section 1. K. Rights of Persons Served

  • K. 3. The organization:
  • Implements a policy and written procedure by which persons served may formally complain to the organization.
  • Makes complaint procedures and, if applicable, forms:
    • Readily available to the persons served.
    • Understandable to the persons served.
  • Documents formal complaints received.

A complaint is a communicated concern regarding the words, actions, or attitude of a staff member(s) or the Society that have effectively created circumstances wherein the rights of the participant(s) are perceived not to be upheld. A complaint can be received by any staff person. A complaint can be made verbally, in writing, or by using this electronic form.

Indigenous Perspectives Society appreciates that it is not always easy to file a complaint regarding the treatment you might receive. However, at IPS, we take all complaints very seriously and strive to work together with you to find a resolution wherever possible.

When a complaint  is received, the complainant’s concerns and  contact details are forwarded to the Programs Manager who will initiate contact with the complainant. The complainant is also provided with information on how to contact the Programs Manager directly.

This online form will be electronically sent to the Executive Director at IPS. Should you require any further information, please contact IPS by telephone at 250.391.0007 and ask for the Programs Manager or the Executive Director. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

Training Complaint Form
Do you know on which day the original incident occured?
Do you wish to have an advocate assist you with this complaint?
Is your complaint regarding a staff member?

The complaint resolution is complete when a letter is sent to the complainant outlining the outcome, including any agreements and actions to be taken. The complaint must be resolved within 30 days unless written consent to extend the resolution process by the complainant or their advocate has been issued.