Help us share Indigenous cultural perspectives and promote allyship. With your support we will continue to demonstrate excellence and leadership, creating action through education. 

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2023

Indigenous Perspectives Society: Centre of Excellence in Community Education (IPS) is a charitable and not-for-profit social enterprise that helps foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives, cultural differences, and the need for self-determination. IPS creates excellence through education and leadership. We strengthen lives and enable transformation that enhances capacity and wellbeing.  

We train leaders, governments, service providers, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, parents, caregivers and youth who are using what they learn to develop and excel by building successful relationships and initiatives in their communities. 

Your donation will gift individuals, communities and organizations a valuable opportunity to learn and grow, professionally and personally. And to take meaningful action towards fulfilling their role in reconciliation, in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities throughout British Columbia and across Canada.



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A movement is building across the country. Over 3 million Canadians have left a gift in their Will to charity. We’re not talking about celebrities or wealthy philanthropists, these are ordinary people who are using the power of their will to make a big difference.

This trending “ethical Wills” has surged in the past three years, and it’s no surprise. With so much change in the world highlighting new and growing needs, people are looking for effective ways to make a big impact.

Interested in supporting Indigenous 2-Spirit and LGBTQI* Youth to attend one of our specialized trainings?

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  • IPS is a crucial resource for First Nations agencies in BC. Their training and policy programs are well respected nationally ensuring that BC First Nations are included in important national initiatives such as the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

    C. Blackstock, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society

  • We learn a great deal from you, as well as the confidence needed to go out into our communities and do this type of work.

    D. Baker, Aboriginal Social Worker