IPS Youth Voices Summer 2023

The IPS Youth Circle has been very busy during this last quarter. Here is a breakdown of some of their projects and activities:

Youth Circle: (left to right) Lizz Brooks, Tasman Fitzmaurice, Kai'a Hill

Lizz Brooks

Recently co-delivered a public session of All My Relations: Supporting 2-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQI* Youth that was filled with incredible discussion. Next up, Lizz will be delivering Coming In: Peer Allyship with 2-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQI* Youth, which is specifically for participants aged 14-25. Join IPS for a day of learning, growth, lunch, and a drag show by local 2-Spirit youth Peaches N Screams and Riel Deadly! *New date soon to be announced

PLUS, the Youth Circle has been busy behind the scenes working on a very exciting project proposal that is now under review. Keep your eyes open for potential growth within the Youth Circle next year!

Tasman Fitzmaurice

A.K.A. Taz joined the Youth Circle when she started working at Indigenous Perspectives Society in February this year. She is inspired and enthusiastic about all the projects and learning opportunities that the circle provides. She is notably very excited about co-leading the Agenda Gap project in the near future and continuing her journey to find the best ways she can contribute to uplifting and empowering young people in her community.  Tasman also had a fabulous time competing in the canoe race on National Indigenous Peoples Day 2023 with VanCity and IPS!

Kai’a Hill

In reflection on this past quarter, Kai’a feels a great sense of gratitude and respect for all the humans and efforts of Indigenous Perspectives Society. Kai’a feels especially inspired by her fellow Youth Circle members and their impactful journeys both within and outside of the Society. She feels it is an honour to walk in friendship alongside such compassionate and competent peers.

It’s been an exciting time for Kai’a as she co-leads on project planning with Taz for the upcoming Agenda Gap Project, which aims to uplift the voices of youth in our community and empower them to identify gaps and action a project that advances youth mental health policies in our community.  Outside of the Youth Circle initiatives, Kai’a has completed curriculum and training coordination for another successful round of Indigenous Child and Family Services Training and is looking forward to the next round beginning in September 2023.

And that's a wrap until next time!