Wrapping Up a Successful Journey: IPS Youth Circle and the Agenda Gap Program

After eight months of dedicated and fulfilling work, the Youth Circle is proudly concluding their involvement with the now completed Agenda Gap Program. This initiative, developed by the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association, aimed to engage and educate youth on mental health promotion and policy advocacy. The program’s goal was to support capacity building and inspire social change within communities.

Throughout this period, members of the IPS Youth Circle co-facilitated weekly sessions, working closely with local youth to advocate for policy changes related to substance use and harm reduction education within the local School District. These sessions were a platform for empowering young individuals, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive meaningful change.

The IPS Youth Circle is immensely proud of the participants’ hard work and dedication. Their collective efforts have not only enriched their understanding of mental health and policy advocacy but also laid the groundwork for significant community transformation. As the program comes to a close, the Youth Circle eagerly anticipates the positive changes that will emerge from this collaborative effort, rooted in growth and community empowerment.

The journey of the past eight months has been a testament to the power of youth engagement and the impact of well-structured educational initiatives. The Agenda Gap Program has not only achieved its goals but has also set a precedent for future projects aimed at fostering social change through youth involvement. The Youth Circle’s work is a shining example of how dedicated efforts and community partnerships can lead to lasting, positive transformations.