IPS Launches New Training: Holding Space for Healing, Understanding Crisis in Community

The Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) is excited to announce the launch of our new training program, “Holding Space for Healing: Understanding Crisis in Community.” This innovative and essential training is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and support crises within Indigenous communities, promoting healing and resilience.

Understanding the Need

Communities across Canada face a multitude of challenges, including mental health crises, substance use issues, and the impacts of historical and ongoing trauma. Indigenous communities, in particular, encounter unique stressors rooted in a history of colonization, systemic discrimination, and cultural disruption. Addressing these crises requires a deep understanding of their context and culturally appropriate approaches to healing and support.

About the Training

Holding Space for Healing” is a comprehensive training program developed by experts at IPS with extensive input from community leaders, mental health professionals, and cultural advisors. The training focuses on several key areas:

  1. Crisis Intervention and Support: Learn effective strategies for intervening in crises, providing immediate support, and ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and communities.
  2. Cultural Competency and Sensitivity: Gain a deep understanding of Indigenous cultures, and healing practices. This knowledge is essential for delivering respectful and effective support during times of crisis.
  3. Historical and Intergenerational Trauma: Explore the impacts of historical trauma and how it affects present-day mental health and community dynamics. Understanding this context is crucial for effective crisis intervention.
  4. Community-Centered Approaches: Emphasize the importance of community involvement and leadership in crisis response and healing. Learn to work collaboratively with community members to create sustainable solutions.
  5. Self-Care and Resilience for Support Workers: Recognize the importance of self-care for those providing support. The training includes strategies for maintaining personal well-being and resilience while working in high-stress environments.

Why This Training Matters

The “Holding Space for Healing” training is not just about crisis management; it’s about fostering a holistic approach to community well-being. By understanding the cultural, historical, and social factors that contribute to crises, participants will be better equipped to provide meaningful and effective support. This training acknowledges the strengths and resilience of Indigenous communities and builds on these foundations to promote healing and long-term positive change.

Join Us

We invite community members, mental health professionals, social workers, educators, and anyone interested in supporting Indigenous communities to participate in this transformative training. By joining “Holding Space for Healing,” you will become part of a network of individuals dedicated to understanding, supporting, and empowering communities in crisis.

For more information on the training ClICK HERE, or to reach out to our Client Services Coordinator to arrange a private delivery of this training CLICK HERE

The Indigenous Perspectives Society is committed to promoting understanding, respect, and collaboration. We believe that through education and shared knowledge, we can support Indigenous communities in their journey towards healing and resilience.