Youth Circle Beading Day At IPS

At the end of the summer, the IPS Youth Circle members decided to come together for a beading day. During the day, one member of our circle taught the others how to make fringe-style beaded earrings. It was an afternoon of learning, sharing, storytelling, and bonding that brought joy to the hearts of all Youth Circle members who were able to attend.

The sharing of cultural activities, like beading, is something special that our youth circle recognizes the value of and does not take for granted. Beading has been a part of Indigenous culture for a very long time. It is a skill that has been passed on through many generations and is a privilege to take part in. Beading is fun, artistic and expressive. Beyond this, though, there are many lessons that beading can teach us, if we are willing to pay close enough attention. Some of these lessons include creativity, risk taking, patience, collaboration, determination and hard work.

IPS Youth Circle members Kaia Hill, Nicole Geary and Lizz Brooks

Our Youth Circle members all created fabulous earrings and were thrilled with the outcomes of the workshop. Our Youth Circle has identified a goal, to take this knowledge and share it with other members of the IPS team during another workshop down the road. Learning and sharing is something that brings people closer together. It can also establish and create special connections. Our Youth Circle looks forward to more opportunities, like this one, where circle members can connect with culture and community through traditional practices and crafts.