What Is Your Response To Truth and Reconciliation?

Media Release – January 24, 2017

To support Indigenous Perspectives Society’s (IPS) mission to provide culturally relevant training, research and policy that advances and strengthens lives of Indigenous peoples, IPS is seeking to meet with organizations that are in the process of developing and evaluating their responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action to assess knowledge needs.

“We want to hear from organizations in the early stages of planning their responses to the TRC Calls to Action to learn about how they are developing their responses, what their educational needs are, if their planning includes hiring Indigenous employees, and what they envision their indicators of success will be. Out of our assessment process, participating organizations will receive a suggested action plan,” said Linda Lucas, Executive Director for Indigenous Perspectives Society. “Our Society cares deeply about the importance of Reconciliation for the well-being of Indigenous children and families, and we want to support and encourage organizations engaging in this process.”

Opportunity for participation is limited, with assessments scheduled to occur from February 6-10, March 6-10, and March 13-17. Interested organizations can contact Alesha Doran at aleshad@ipsociety.ca and 250 391 0007 ext. 260.

Participants in IPS’ Knowledge Needs Assessment will receive an email link to a confidential online survey, followed up with an in-person or telephone interview to assess organizational capacity in relationship to TRC Calls to Action response planning. Participation includes a 2-3 hour time commitment for the questionnaire and interview process. Participants will receive a summary of the Knowledge Needs Assessment with customized recommendations for their organization.

Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) is a charitable and not-for-profit social enterprise that offers training programs and services that help foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives, cultural differences, and the need for self-determination. By creating excellence through training and leadership, we help strengthen lives and build successful relationships in our communities.

Beginning with a focus on Indigenous child and family service delivery through the CARF International accredited Aboriginal Social Work training series, IPS has grown to include Cultural Perspectives Training, Adoption Online, Recruitment and Retention of Indigenous People, and more. By creating excellence though training and leadership, IPS has been supporting communities throughout British Columbia and across Canada for more than 22 years.

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Media Contacts:

Linda Lucas, Executive Director, 250 391 0007

Alesha Doran, Business Development Coordinator, 250 391 0007 ext.260 and 250 857 4962