Sustainability Matters at IPS

IPS values sustainability. We do our very best to find modern and innovative solutions that allow us to walk softly on the earth. We want to reduce the damaging and harmful impacts of our day-to-day operations, on our more than human relations, in all that we do.

Since 2016, IPS has maintained BC Green Business and BC Ocean Friendly Surf Rider certifications with BC Green Business (formerly Vancouver Island Green Business Collective). We are grateful for the leadership and support of BC Green Business and encourage anyone interested in going greener, to take a look at some of the resources available on the BC Green Business website and consider becoming an active member. With every annual IPS audit, we find more ways to step up our sustainability efforts. Our team takes the time to be intentional about sustainability and to seek out products and services that can make a difference. 

Sustainability is one of our core organizational values and remains central in all that we do. IPS team and family members participated in a GoByBikeBC cycle to work initiative this summer. Thanks to Elaine, Carol and Kiyo for you efforts!

Carol & Elaine

The way that we manage waste at IPS is by having a bank of custom recycling and composting bins on each floor of our workhouse. This means that every single piece of waste created in our office is thoughtfully sorted into the appropriate recycling or composting bin. By doing this we are maximizing the chances of effective waste recycling, upcycling and composting. And by managing our waste this way we are contributing to a greener economy and a healthier more sustainable future for our next generations.

Indigenous Perspectives Society: Centre of Excellence in Community Education (IPS) applies sustainable practices to our business by providing clients with training services in person, virtually or in a blended (virtual/in person) learning environment. By offering our services in all of these formats, we provide our clients, communities and training participants choices that can help eliminate the need for travel and reduce the carbon footprint of our services. 

Providing a range of different delivery options can also help stretch training budgets further and allow more participants to access and attend our trainings. We know that true sustainability also includes sustainable social, cultural and economic practices. As a social enterprise, IPS prices all privately contracted training deliveries on a sliding scale, based on the type of entity and operating budget available. In this way, we are working to keep our services accessible to those who need them most. Learn more about our work and ways you can support us.