Red Carpet Celebrations December 2022

In December 2022, IPS hosted a Holiday Season Red Carpet Gala to celebrate staff and to recognize their hard work, dedication and commitment throughout the year. Each team member received a personalized prize and a gift from the society. Families celebrated together with a wonderful feast and a show performed by very special guests, Honey Dewme and Henrietta Dubet!

Carol Itakura
Kelly Legge
Rachelle thanking special guest performers Henrietta Dubet & Honey Dewme
Henrietta, Lizz & Honey
Honey Dewme
D'Arcy Briggs
Candace McKivett
April Reeve
Candace, Rachelle, Rowan & Zhila
Lizz Brooks
Tammy Fleming
Zhila & Rachelle
Henrietta Dubet
Honey Dewme
Miguel & Honey Dewme
Zhila Alizeh-Borji
Henrietta, Carol & Honey