At IPS, we are often asked by our community members and organizations to share employment opportunities with our networks. We understand how important it is to get the word out in order to find and recruit the right people for the positions you want to fill. With our recent rebuild of the IPS website, we have made sharing employment opportunities easier and more accessible to the communities we serve. Our NEW employment page allows you to share job posts by completing a simple form and uploading any accompanying or supplementary files. Once you have filled out the employment submission form, submit it to us. Once we have reviewed and approved the post, your job post and all the information about how to apply will be featured on our employment page:
We are very excited to offer this support to anyone wishing to share community employment opportunities on our website. We will continue to promote this feature via our social media channels. We invite you to try it out and your feedback is always welcome!

To submit and job post, please go to:…/employme…/employment-submission-form/