Pink Shirt Day at IPS

Pink Shirt Day was on February 22, 2023. At Indigenous Perspectives Society: Centre of Excellence in Community Education, Pink Shirt Day resonates strongly with our team and connects to the work we do every day to support Indigenous children, youth, families and communities. In the words of our Executive Director, Rachelle Dallaire:

‘A gentle reminder that today is a day of recognition for national anti-bullying efforts. When we consider the forms of lateral violence (and bullying)  which exist in our communities and impact our children, we better understand the need for days like today. Days like today are more than an annual reminder but an acknowledgement of the need to promote lateral kindness practices year round. Wishing everyone self-reflection and self-love today!’

Candace, Jacquie (and Lola), Kaia and D'Arcy celebrating kindness on Pink Shirt Day
Karman observing the day in Ontario
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