“Our Womxn Are Sacred” Walk | May 5th 2022

On May 5th, 2022, Surrounded by Cedar Child & Family Services, in partnership with the Songhees First Nation, Esquimalt First Nation, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, South Island Indigenous Authority, Indigenous Perspectives Society, Hulitan Family & Community Services Society, and Island Métis Family & Community Services Society, and NIL TU,O Child and Family Services Society hosted the first “Our Womxn Are Sacred” walk.

“The intention of this walk is to honour the sacredness of women in Indigenous communities while encouraging our men to reaffirm their traditional role as protectors. We will come together to bring awareness to our traditional values, to heal, to celebrate and to hold each other up.” –SCCFS

This was an emotional day for many people. While tears, bonding, and connections were made, we all came for the same purpose, to stand in solidarity and honour the sacredness of women in our Indigenous communities. To listen to the stories and learn. A safe space to voice concerns, sing, dance, and lay wreaths for our Stolen Sisters. 

“This day of recognition provided so much healing for community and families.” –Rachelle Dallaire, IPS Executive Director.

Take a look at the gallery below, to see the moments captured during the event: