IPS Technology Upgrade Comes Online

Technologies have become a constant and vital part of how we live and this has only accelerated in recent times. Over the past couple of years IPS has been working to upgrade and update our digital workspace and online presence. During the pandemic is has been crucial for organizations like ours to adapt very quickly to online and virtual operations and services delivery. Moving all our training courses into an online learning environment required a lot of effort from our team and they have done an incredible job! We also recognize the added patience and efforts of our training participants who have joined us in tackling the technology to stay with us in the virtual learning space. We couldn’t have done without your help.  

At IPS, we realized that having the right systems and digital infrastructure in place was necessary to help support the shift to online services delivery and that meant updating and redesigning some of what we were using. We have been very fortunate and extremely grateful for funding support received from Victoria Foundation to assist us with this work. It would not have been possible without their support.


We also recognize the skills and abilities of our contractors who have helped us along the way. We have now completed an Information Management System development project with Environmental Systems Solutions (ESS) and we are very pleased with the outcome. We sincerely thank the Victoria Foundation, our contractors, ESS and our team for supporting this project and helping us to design and create new functions and a system that supports our new way of working together and interacting with our clients and community.