IPS Offers Training to Help Organizations Respond to the TRC Calls to Action

Teaching cultural competency to corporate teams and organizations is how Indigenous Perspectives Society is changing the world one workshop at a time

Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) is now offering training to help organizations, businesses, and individuals develop actionable ideas to respond to the Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

In 2015, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission released 94 Calls to Action whereby Government, organizations, and individuals can act to “redress the legacy of residential schools and advance the process of Canadian reconciliation” (Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 2015).

IPS has been providing training, research and policy support to Delegated Aboriginal Agencies and the Provincial and Federal Governments for over two decades. IPS currently has a 3 year accreditation for quality delivery for our social work program. Building upon an established foundation that applies an Indigenous lens, IPS is delivering a cultural competency training styled for the public called Cultural Perspectives Training (CPT).

CPT curriculum addresses:

  • the legacy of colonization, including inter-generational trauma, privilege and racism, and how individuals or organizations can build positive relationships with Indigenous people and communities
  • how to create a Call to Action response plan that turns ideas in to meaningful action

Upon completion, the outcomes that participants can anticipate are:

  • Strengthening collaborative working relationships with Indigenous communities
  • Applying anti-oppressive ideologies and methods into our work and daily life
  • Engaging in ongoing reflection on how privilege and stereotypes impact our work and relationships

To accommodate the unique learning needs of adults and professionals, IPS has developed a blended learning model for its Cultural Perspectives Training that balances in-class sharing, learning, and collaboration with self-guided online resources, research and off-site action-taking. It consists of 7 hours of in-person training and 8 hours of online training.

CPT is offered every month to the public at our in-house training centre, or IPS can come into your organization for a private training for your staff.

“I’ve uploaded to my LinkedIn profile my certificate from the day of training with you. I have told many associates about the course and encouraged them to register. It was a deeply impactful day and I so appreciated receiving my letter to myself last week. I’ve put it up on the fridge for my family and to hold myself accountable to the decisions I made that day”. Michele Hansen, Business & Market Development Manager Applied Office Solutions Ltd. 

To register for CPT or learn more about our trainings, visit ipsociety.ca