Introducing NEW Prevention & Capacity Building Courses

We are excited to announce a new recently launched series of Prevention & Capacity Building training courses for non-Delegated and Delegated Staff members working in Indigenous Child and Family Services. IPS offers training in support of communities, organizations and agencies that are building towards self-determination and jurisdiction over their own programs and Indigenous-led models of child and family service delivery.

The new courses can be selected and delivered individually, grouped together to form a tailored training program, or grouped with any of our other course offerings, to best meet the training needs and goals of any work team. We are currently offering training workshops virtually, in person, or in a blended format (in person and virtual delivery). We are also inviting participants to our newly renovated space at IPS on Lkwungen speaking Territories. We invite you to review the course descriptions and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss delivery options.  



Connection & Support

Family Care Homes

Family Violence

Hope, Help & Healing: Suicide Prevention

Investigative Interviewing

Lifelong Connections (Cultural Permanence)

Resilience in Children & Youth

Resilient Practitioners

Residential Schools

Substance Misuse

Trauma Informed Practice

Truth & Reconciliation

Working Together

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