Explore Songhees Cultural Tour for IPS Team

On October 7, 2021, IPS team members had the opportunity to enjoy a harbour front cultural tour with Cecilia Dick of the Songhees Nation and with Explore Songhees. The tour was very special for our team members. We learned a great deal from our knowledgeable and generous guide, Cecilia, about the rich culture and history of the peoples of the Lekwungen Territories, where we live and work.

During the tour we were able to ask questions and imagine the land and water as it once was. The artwork and interpretative signage along the tour also really brought Cecilia’s words to life.

Cecilia Dick

The tour finished with a delicious Bannock tasting, where some team members purchased extras to take home to share with family members.

We were excited and grateful to join this tour and to learn that Explore Songhees is working on more tours of Lekwungen Territories, to be shared in the future. We are now hoping to have another longer tour next season when Explore Songhees reopens in the Spring. We strongly recommend this experience for both residents and visitors of these territories. For more information about cultural tours, please visit: https://www.exploresonghees.com/ or contact: info@exploresonghees.com