CARF Survey at IPS 2022

This week Indigenous Perspectives Society: Centre of Excellence in Community Education (IPS) hosted CARF surveyors, who conducted a site visit and audit. This audit helps to support a rigorous quality assurance evaluation and assessment process of our CARF accredited services. This is an important event for IPS and usually happens every three years. There are two CARF accredited programs at IPS:

  • Indigenous Child and Family Services Training
  • Indigenous Perspectives and Allyship Training

As part of our work to uphold a standard of excellence, IPS is accredited through CARF. For each survey, IPS creates a short video showcasing our staff with humor and flair, as part of a welcome to our surveyors. Our team recognizes the great responsibilities that our work carries. These videos are a way for us to celebrate, bring joy and honour the work we do. We are excited to share this year’s with you! We hope you will enjoy.