Indigenous Perspectives Society

Understanding and Healing Lateral Violence Training


In this two day course, we explore the origins of lateral violence in Indigenous communities and how it is perpetuated in our personal and professional lives. We explore lateral kindness as an antidote and how we can incorporate it into our lives. We look at frameworks by which to foster empathy, conflict transformation, and healthy communication. Throughout, we review tools and exercises that may be helpful for workplaces to employ or adapt as their own.

This course is designed for teams or organizations that want to become familiar with and practice using tools and frameworks to address issues of lateral violence in a safe and supported environment.

Learning outcomes include:

  • addressing lateral violence in the workplace as an act of decolonization
  • identifying lateral violence cycles, ways to heal from them and asserting healthy boundaries
  • solution-focused and healing alternatives that can be implemented in the workplace
  • tools to aid in creating a conflict transformation framework

For more information or if you are interested in having this training delivered to your organization, please contact: Rachelle Dallaire or Karman Lippitt

Please note: Understanding and Healing Lateral Violence is also available as a 3 hour seminar