All My Relations Training Fund: Supporting Indigenous Two-Spirit & LGBTQI* Youth

Indigenous Perspectives Society: Centre of Excellence in Community Education (IPS) celebrates all of our youth and recognizes the importance of learning, building understanding and connecting in a safe and inclusive environment, to support and promote the well-being of Indigenous children, families and communities, here in B.C. and throughout North America. IPS offers All My Relations: Supporting Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQI* Youth and Coming In: Peer Ally-ship with Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQI* Youth training courses because we recognize that there are specific challenges and barriers facing Indigenous 2-Spirit and LGBTQI* youth who are coming into their identities. Both of these trainings provide opportunities for 2-Spirit and LGBTQI* Elders and Peers to share their wisdom and lived experience to help support youth on their own journeys.  

The purpose of this fund is to make it possible for IPS to provide these trainings, free of charge, for Indigenous 2-Spirit & LGBTQI* Youth. We want to share these valuable trainings with youth and provide them access to supports that will help them thrive. For more information about these trainings, please click on the training links above. A complete list of our Community & Family Support training courses can viewed HERE. Learn more about our work or more ways to give. We thank you for taking an interest. Please contact us with any other questions you may have.