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Delivering culturally relevant education that advances and strengthens the lives of Indigenous peoples

We acknowledge and express our gratitude to the Lkwungen People, also known as the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations communities, for allowing us to live, work and play on their lands.
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All of our training services help foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives and cultural differences.

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  • The Gladue Report Writing course offered by the Indigenous Perspectives Society was comprehensive. The amount of time required to complete the course work and participate in teleconferences was reasonable and allowed for a learning process whereby information could be taken in, absorbed, and discussed with colleagues in the course and the teacher to allow it to really sink in. I appreciated the warm, passionate approach of Dr. Jane Dickson and learned more because she truly believes in this work and passed on that commitment to the students.

    Joan Cotie, CCW, BSW, CRC, MSW, RSW, Fam. Arb, C.Med.

  • The session went great – the facilitators were outstanding and provided a very comfortable atmosphere for us to learn and share in. All of us walked away with much to reflect on in our personal and professional lives.

    Elyse Kuwert, Greater Victoria Community Funders’ Network

  • It (Cultural Perspectives Training) was a perfect balance of info that touched many folks emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. I don’t know any other training where the content has been so comprehensive and offered with such thoughtfulness, grace and good humour.

    Candice MacDonald, Manager Supportive Housing, Victoria Cool Aid Society

  • (Employees) raved about the Cultural Perspectives Training they did yesterday. I’ve never had so many people so inspired by a Cool Aid training opportunity!

    Victoria Cool Aid Society Team Leader

  • I’ve uploaded to my LinkedIn profile my certificate from the day of training with you. I have told many associates about the course and encouraged them to register. It was a deeply impactful day and I so appreciated receiving my letter to myself last week. I’ve put it up on the fridge for my family and to hold myself accountable to the decisions I made that day.

    Michele Hansen Business & Market Development Manager Applied Office Solutions Ltd. Participant in the Cultural Perspectives Training

  • For me, the Cultural Perspectives Training program was a remarkable and transformative experience. The depth and breadth of the material covered, and the processes Kelly and Laurie put in place to process the issues raised, created a unique balance of group safety and personal exposure. Challenging topics were addressed with candor and honesty. Tears, laughter and personal stories were all part of the day. The follow-up on-line learning built on the one-day workshop experience and added both content and new ways of understanding and walking with a new awareness of Indigenous culture. Beyond the learning and the experiences associated with the Cultural Perspectives Training program, I gained the confidence to act. I am reaching out to Indigenous Peoples and incorporating the knowledge and lessons from the program into my life and my work.

    Darryl Harris, Training Sergeant, Saanich Police

  • On behalf of myself, David, ICA and the Community Partnership Network we wish to thank you all for your collaboration, inspiration, support and great work of the IPS team in making this seminar the success that it was. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback already from the seminar participants who have shared a deep need to learn about and build relationships with local First Nations Communities

    Steven Lorenzo Baileys, Community Development Coordinator, Community Partnership Network

  • We learn a great deal from you, as well as the confidence needed to go out into our communities and do this type of work.

    D. Baker, Social Worker

  • IPS is a crucial resource for First Nations agencies in BC. Their training and policy programs are well respected nationally ensuring that BC First Nations are included in important national initiatives such as the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

    C. Blackstock, Executive Director, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada

  • Many times I have expressed to aboriginal leaders that there will never be true aboriginal self government as long as aboriginal children live in fear or go to bed at night crying because of abuse or neglect. True self-government can only flourish if there are strong and healthy families and strong and healthy communities. Aboriginal social workers graduating from the IPS training realize this as well.

    H. Braker, Queen’s Council

  • I am really enjoying the Adoption On Line program. I’m also pleased to say that some of my family members, who have happened to be in or out of the house while I was viewing the course videos, have become very interested in viewing the videos with me, which has resulted in some very intense conversations. I have learned that to be colour blind would be to deny the uniqueness of different cultures, peoples, traditions and systems of belief, and how vital their unique contributions to society actually are.

    Anonymous, Adoption Online training participant