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Gladue Report Training Teaches Participants

  • The law pertaining to Gladue rights
  • The structure and function of Canadian criminal courts, including trial and sentencing processes
  • The required content of Gladue reports including proper composition, structure, referencing and presentation of reports
  • How to construct good recommendations for the court; and prepare for examination of the report and the writer for court

Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) is offering this training in collaborative partnership with Dr. Jane Dickson, Professor, Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University, and Royal Roads University.

Supported by interactive Adobe Connect sessions, participants obtain resources and learn research skills to assist in crafting good reports and making viable and appropriate sentencing recommendations.

There are two time options for the mandatory Adobe Connect sessions for each module to accommodate most schedules.


Length: 5 modules over 10 weeks plus skills assessment. Study is a combination of:

  • 7.5 hours of online lecture
  • 7.5 hours of online discussion groups


  • Completion of the mock Gladue report to an appropriate standard
  • Close mentorship of the Gladue writer by the lead trainer through two actual Gladue reports

Please allow for 10 hours of reading and 15-20 hours for completion of assignments.

Gladue Report Training

Next Training Session: May 6, 2019 – July 12, 2019

Registration closes May 3, 2019

*May 2019 Gladue Report Writing Training: Mandatory Virtual Classroom Session Schedule (attend 1 per module) MAY 2019 Virtual Classroom Sessions

Gladue Writers Certificate Training FAQ

COST $1,800

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Payments can be made by cheque or money order at Indigenous Perspectives Society and credit card online via PayPal. Refunds are available before training begins and within the first week for programs. Tuition receipts are available on request.

For more information email:  or call: 250.391.0007

Gladue Report Training

“If we ever had even a micro-second of doubt that Gladue must be pushed in BC, that was wasted time. BC needs effective Gladue writers and reports more now than ever.”

Dr. Jane Dickson