Indigenous Perspectives Society

Gladue for Probation Officers Teaches Participants

  • Foundational knowledge and skillset necessary to effectively research and communicate Gladue information in presentence reports
  • The history of colonization and its impacts on Indigenous peoples
  • The concepts of historical trauma, historical trauma responses and intergenerational effects
  • To understanding and manage the impacts of historical trauma and intergenerational effects on working and communicating with Indigenous clients
  • Trauma informed approaches to life history interviewing
  • The expectations of the courts with regard to the form, content and substance of the Gladue information included in presentence reports
  • The legal foundations of the Gladue requirements
  • Understanding and managing the tension between standardized, actuarial risk assessments and the respectful communication of Indigenous life histories in presentence reports

Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) is offering this training in collaborative partnership with Dr. Jane Dickson, Associate Law and Legal Studies Professor at Carleton University.

Over twelve hours of learning, participants develop an understanding of the importance of story-telling as healing, the role of historic trauma, historic trauma responses, and intergenerational effects in the over-representation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system.


Length: 3 modules over 12 hours of online learning plus mandatory and recommended reading. Please allow for 8-10 hours of reading and 15 hours for completion of assignments.

Each module includes self-guided online learning supplemented by required and recommended readings, and exercises designed to assess competency in the knowledge and skills provided in each module.

Results: will be assessed as pass or fail.

Course starts March 1st, 2021

COST $750