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Supporting Two Spirit Youth: Curriculum for Front-line Service Providers

This training is designed to improve skills of front line workers around supporting LGBTQ and Two Spirit Indigenous children and youth.


Practice talking about sexuality and gender in order to build capacity among service providers to address these issues in their work with all Indigenous children and youth, including Two Spirit youth.

  1. Increase awareness and self-reflection as the basis for building capacity to support Two Spirit children and youth.
  2. Understanding the impact of colonization on Indigenous gender and sexuality.
  3. Increase participants’ awareness of and comfort with Two Spirit identities and expressions of gender and sexuality/orientation (supporting youth where they are at, while confronting and addressing stigma).

The purpose of this training is to gain an understanding of the two spirit identity and explore ways to build respectful relationships and foster vibrant communities with two-spirited and Indigenous LGBTQ people.

  • Length: 7 hours
  • Next Session: TBA
  • Location: Indigenous Perspectives Society

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For more information contact:
Rachelle Dallaire | Ext. 261
T: 250.391.0007

“Interactive and fun. It (Supporting Two Spirit Youth) encouraged us to be vulnerable and uncomfortable in moments, in a safe and welcoming environment. All the resources are so helpful!” Training Participant

“Personal Stories, tools for my toolbox, and great Instructors who are very approachable.” Training Participant