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Welcome to Indigenous Adoption Online (AOL). Adoption Online is training for caregivers, pre-adoptive parents, post-adoptive parents, social workers, interdisciplinary professionals, and anyone working in the field of Aboriginal/Indigenous child and family service delivery.

AOL identifies historical and contemporary impacts of colonization, inter-generational trauma, and the regeneration of positive culture identity development. Learning from the Adoption Online training activities supports a commitment to creating and maintaining cultural connections by promoting the holistic well-being of Indigenous children.

AOL is delivered over an 7-week period and is accessible 24 hours a day. Participants can expect 3-5 hours a week of study to complete Adoption Online training. AOL’s flexible, self-paced, and asynchronous format engages participants and is offered through our Moodle learning management system.

“I wish to thank you for recommending the AOL course when I first sent you an inquiry back in April. It was a great learning experience! I have much more to learn, of course, but I now have the tools and resources to help me on my journey as a parent.”
– Richard, AOL Participant, Spring 2015

“This course run by the Indigenous Perspectives Society is one I have recommended again and again to families who are either thinking about adoption or have adopted. And yet, I realised I have never posted a review about it…” To read the rest of her review check out the full post here:
– Ali Jayne, AOL Participant, Winter 2014

April 2021-March 2022

Cost: If you are NOT sponsored through MCFD for this course the cost is $250 per person

  • At Indigenous Perspectives Society, we offer comfortable and appropriate learning spaces, therefore we place caregivers and social workers in separate streams of the Adoptions On-Line course. Please email us at once you have registered for the course to let us know your role.
  •  If you are a week late signing on to the system after the course opens, you will be asked to re-register into the next cohort. This is to ensure that the cohort progresses together and benefits from the learning environment in tandem with your fellow participants.

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For more information regarding AOL please contact our Programs Coordinator:
Michele Oatman | Ext. 221
T: 250.391.0007