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The Aboriginal Social Work Training Program is built upon a competency-based model of training which incorporates competencies and skills that an individual must possess in order to carry out the various responsibilities of a Voluntary Services, Guardianship and Child Protection social worker. The delivery of the curriculum is structured to reflect the accumulative authorities of the Delegation Matrix. As such, individuals participate in Voluntary Services and then proceed to Guardianship and Child Protection.

The Aboriginal Social Work Training Program incorporates thorough coverage of the technical skills and knowledge relating to the Child, Family and Community Service Act, and other relevant legislation and policy.

It provides a range of information regarding assessment, intervention and planning models necessary to Aboriginal social work. The uniqueness of this program is that the training is placed within the context of the First Nations and Aboriginal Child and Family Service Agency, Aboriginal Communities, and Aboriginal culture.

Voluntary Services covers weeks 1-4 of the Aboriginal Social Work Training Program. The topics that will be covered during this time include Identity Development, Residential School, Self-Care, Preventative Measures, Family Violence, Child Development, Separation and Placement, Family Home Care and many more important and valuable topics.

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