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 Indigenous Climate Action Dashboard Project – Communications and Outreach Coordinator 

From the West Coast Climate Action Network

This is a short-term position, paying $25/hour for 200 hours ($5,000 contract), either full-time over 2 months or part-time over 4 months.

The position is intended for First Nations, Inuit or Métis people, so please self-identify in your cover letter and outline your experience. If such a person is not found, the position may be offered to a non-Indigenous person who has a demonstrated ability to connect effectively with Indigenous communities, and/or who has in-depth knowledge of Indigenous communities, culture, and history across so-called British Columbia.

In this position, you will:

* Use the database to familiarize yourself with every Indigenous climate action initiative in BC.
* Reach out to key people in the BC Assembly of First Nations, the First Nations Climate Action Technical Advisory Group, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Indigenous Climate Action, the First Nations Health Authority, and Indigenous Clean Energy, and keep them informed on the progress of the Dashboard Project.
* Reach out to the key people in each Indigenous climate action initiative in BC, and invite them to participate in the present and future of the Dashboard Project.
* Develop and implement a promotional strategy for the Dashboard when it is complete.
* Work with WE-CAN to seek funding to enable the long-term development and regular updating of the Dashboard

Do you self-identify as Indigenous? Are you concerned about the growing climate emergency?  Are you enthusiastic, hardworking, self-organised, and self-motivated? Ideally:

* You have a deep concern about the urgency of the global climate crisis.
* You have a strong desire to assist with Indigenous climate action in BC.
* You are a graduate or undergraduate in a relevant degree (climate, environment, sustainability, international policy etc.), or you have similar work or lived experience.
* You have a good experience of working in a project environment.
* You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and are fluent in English.
* You can engage and communicate effectively with First Nations and Indigenous peoples.
* You have persistence, when communication is not easy.
* You have good organisational and time management skills, and the ability to prioritize tasks.
* You are a self-starter who can oversee an undertaking from start to finish.
* You have IT skills including Microsoft, Internet-based tools such as Google docs, and social media.

The team you will be working with:
Guy Dauncey (, author and change-maker. Co-Founder of WE-CAN.
Tim Brubacher, Environmental health scientist with a background in ecological restoration and map-making.
Sebastian Sadja (,
Tara Shushtarian (
Katherine Maas (
Jane Devonshire, dedicated volunteer with Dogwood BC, Co-Founder of South Island Climate Action Network

Information: Free free to call Guy Dauncey, 250-924-1445

No current deadline.


About Us


Motivated by the need to address the urgency of the global climate crisis, in January 2021 the West Coast Climate Action Network (WE-CAN) was launched to amplify, promote and support the host of climate action groups and organizations that exist across BC. We have six Working Teams, including an Indigenous Engagement Team. As of May 2022, we have 222 member organizations. Thanks to the kind donations of our supporters, we have one paid Network Coordinator. The rest of us are all volunteers.

In 2021, in order to understand the full breadth of Indigenous climate action in BC, we researched and developed a database of all such projects, including renewable energy systems and initiatives to prevent the construction of fossil fuel pipelines. Our intention through this project is to convert this information into an interactive dashboard-map, enabling Indigenous communities and the public to learn about these many projects, and project leaders to learn about each other’s work.

When we met with Patricia Rojas, Regional Climate Change Coordinator with the BC Assembly of First Nations, we learnt that the need for such a project is included in the BCAFN’s Climate Strategy and Action Plan, but with no associated funding. She encouraged us to proceed. To this end, we have applied for and received a $15,000 grant from the Glasswaters Foundation to convert the database into an online Indigenous Climate Action Dashboard, and engage with all the participants.

The project has two components:
* The technical work to convert the database into an interactive Dashboard; and
* To reach out to the organizers of every Indigenous climate initiative in BC, to ensure that the Dashboard describes their projects accurately, and seek their ongoing support. It is for this work that we are seeking to contract a Communications and Outreach Coordinator.

Information: Feel free to call Guy Dauncey, 250-924-1445

No current deadline.

To apply for this job please visit