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Website sovi_bccic The South Vancouver Island Chapter of the BC Council for International Cooperation


The Community Programmer – Summer Events plays an important role in SOVI’s small team. They are responsible for creating accessible, engaging, community-building events throughout the summer of 2021. Our current 2021/2022 programming is focused on strengthening and expanding our existing anti-racist, anti-oppression, and decolonization work, including our social justice bookclub and our anti-racism community of practice, made up of nonprofit and international development practitioners and aspiring practitioners on Vancouver Island. To support our ongoing community-building, networking and capacity-building efforts, the Community Programmer – Summer Events, will create either 2 or 3 one off events or a short series of events to grow our community and keep them engaged through online (and if possible, real world) events that inspire, engage and support learning and action.

Eligibility requirements:
● Applicants must be:
○ Qualified to receive income or disability assistance in BC, or
○ Indigenous individuals on reserve qualified to receive federal assistance
● Participants cannot be in receipt of a WorkBC Wage Subsidy while they
● If you are chosen to proceed to interview stage, there will be a WorkBC eligibility
review process, and a confirmation of eligibility will be required for continuation to
the interview step

SOVI aspires to work in a feminist way and in justice, moving towards an inclusive
working space for all, prioritizing the participation of BIPOC, LGBTQ2SIA+, people of all
abilities, and ensuring an equitable workplace for all, and making our way of working be
accessible and adaptive wherever possible.

To apply for this job please visit