Operations and Administration Assistant

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The Operations and Administrative Assistant plays an important role in SOVI’s small team. They are responsible for supporting the effective organization and accessibility of SOVI’s internal communications, policies, resources and research. Our past two years of growth have challenged our existing structures and enabled us to create dynamic new ways of working and (un) learning as a community. We have a number of new processes and policy documents, research and resources- but not all of these are accessible and practical for our diverse team and community to use on a regular basis. We need you, an organized, thoughtful person who understands accessibility and internal communications, who can strengthen and expand our existing anti-racist, anti-oppression, and decolonization work into our inner workings through proper documentation and preliminary knowledge management. The Operations and Administrative Assistant will also provide a high level summary of how SOVI can keep their good documentation practices in place, and make suggestions for ongoing ways to
continue to support good practice in administration for our small chapter.

To apply for this job please visit drive.google.com.