Community Programmer- Fall events

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The Community Programmer – Fall Events plays an important role in SOVI’s small team.They are responsible for creating accessible, engaging, community-building events throughout the fall of 2021. Our current 2021/2022 programming is focused on strengthening and expanding our existing anti-racist, anti-oppression, and decolonization work, including our social justice bookclub and our anti-racism community of practice, made up of nonprofit and international development practitioners and aspiring practitioners on Vancouver Island. To support our ongoing community-building, networking and capacity-building efforts, the Community Programmer – Fall Events, will create either 2 or 3 one off events or a short series of events to grow our community and keep them engaged through online (and if possible, real world) events that inspire, engage and support learning and action.

See our Google PDF for further info and eligibility requirements!

To apply for this job please visit