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Family Support Worker Training



Family Support Worker Training provides Indigenous Child and Family Service Agencies the learning needed for Family Support Workers to establish respectful, collaborative relationships with community members.

The training experience explores both personal and professional values along with understanding the elements of a collaborative practice. In addition, Family Support Worker training reviews, communication skills, building rapport with community members, and examining conflict resolution strategies. Learning to relate to families through an Indigenous lens helps communities feel supported and valued.

Training Outcomes:
• Engaging Positively with Families
• Working Together Collaboratively
• Effective Conflict Resolution
• Identifying Indicators of Abuse and Neglect
• Review Required Documentation
• Understanding the Child and Family Community Services Act
• Court Orientation

Upcoming Family Support Worker Training:
Date: TBA

For more information regarding this training please contact our Programs Coordinator:
Michele Oatman | Ext. 221
T: 250.391.0007