Indigenous Perspectives Society


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The Indigenous Perspectives Society provides planning, research, and reporting on Indigenous, Aboriginal, and related topics for communities, governments and organizations.

Current Projects:

Indigenous Caregivers of BC was formed to meet the unique needs of caregivers of Indigenous children, and to support the needs of communities for targeted development, recruitment, and training of Indigenous caregiver families. For more information about the Caregiver Support Line and Caregiver Training, visit the Indigenous Caregivers of BC website.

IPS completed a training needs survey of all the Delegated Aboriginal Agencies to determine how many caregivers required training and develop the training schedule for 2016/2017.

The Indigenous Caregivers of BC is funded by the Ministry of Children & Family Development. For more information about the Indigenous Caregivers of BC please visit

Past Projects:

Cultural Planning Project

IPS completed the provincial Cultural Planning Project as funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCF).

Button Blanket Project
A creative journey of Reconciliation, the Button Blanket Project is sponsored by the Anglican Church to bring community together and honour our collective commitment to a new way of being in relationship to each other.

Aboriginal Non-profit Project
The Aboriginal Non-profit workforce initiative is developing culturally-relevant resources to strengthen the Indigenous workforce by focusing on:

  • Employee benefits and the pension gap
  • Mentorship and professional development
  • Workplace wellness and work-life balance
  • Cultural approaches to human resources

As part of the Aboriginal Non-profit Project, the Indigenous Perspectives Society is completing the second phase of a project focusing on encouraging youth and elders to work and participate in Aboriginal non-profit agencies. Learn more about the Aboriginal Non-Profit Gathering.

Caregiver Training Needs Survey
IPS completed a Caregiver Training Needs Survey of all the Delegated Aboriginal Agencies to determine how many caregivers required training and develop the training schedule for 2016/2017.

First Nations Canada Incidence Study (FNCIS)
The FNCIS was a collaborative effort, by Canada Incidence Study (CIS) research team members and First Nations child welfare organizations to support participation of First Nations and urban Aboriginal agencies in the CIS, analyze CIS data on investigations involving First Nations children, ensure appropriate contextualization of research findings, disseminate research results, and increase the capacity for First Nations child welfare research.

Residential Services Review
Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS), in partnership with the Federation of Community Social Services of BC and the Ministry of Children and Family Development, facilitated the representation of First Nations voices in the Residential Services Review. IPS approached Delegated Aboriginal Agencies across British Columbia to gather feedback on any issues and concerns, as well as identify potential strategies for improving residential care services.