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Child Protection Response Model

The Child Protection Response Model for Child Welfare Practitioners is a two day course based on “Child Protection Assessment and Intervention in British Columbia Learning Sites” PowerPoint presentation written by the Children’s Research Center (CRC). The course focuses on the Child Protection Response Model which is a comprehensive case management model for child protection services. The model structures the major decision points in the life of a case and applies discrete assessment tools designed to help workers make reliable and valid decisions and timelier planning for children in care. The assessment tools are research and evidence based. The tools taught in the course have been modified for use in British Columbia.

Through the course practitioners will develop an understanding of the Child Protection Response Model and how to apply the relevant assessment tools using case practice situations. This course was developed by the Justice Institute of British Columbia based on the original CRC training PowerPoint and in collaboration with Ministry of Children and Family Development subject matter experts.

It is intended that course participants complete Strengths Based Approach for Practitioners prior to attending the course, Child Protection Response Model for Child Welfare Practitioners. The assessment tools in this course are designed to support, not replace, professional judgment and practice expertise.

**We offer this training in ASW Child Protection Week 7**

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