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Aborginal Social Worker Training Program



The Aboriginal Social Work Training Program (ASW) is required training delivered to social workers employed by the Aboriginal Child and Family Services Agencies in BC. This accredited training combines “best practice’ in Aboriginal child welfare with the Provincial Legislation and Standards. The curriculum for the training is built upon a competency-based model of training which incorporates competencies and skills that an individual must possess in order to carry out the various responsibilities of a Voluntary Services, Guardianship and Child Protection delegated social worker.

The Aboriginal Social Work training incorporates the Aboriginal Operational and Practice Standards and Indicators (AOPSI) – the practice standards of First Nations Child and Family Service Agencies. Each week of comprehensive classroom instruction is enhanced by a week of field practice. The field component builds on the classroom experience and grounds practice within the Agency setting. This program is unique in that the training is placed within the context of the First Nations and Aboriginal Child and Family Service Agency and Aboriginal communities and culture.

Training Calendar:

Session 3: 2013-14-training-calendar-jan-to-march-2014
Session 1: 2014-15-training-calendar-april-to-july-2014
Session 2: TBA

Course Outline:

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