Indigenous Perspectives Society

Cultural Competency Training

Reconciliation from an Indigenous Perspective

At Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS), learners gain the knowledge, skills and perspectives needed to be aware of their role in transforming how we relate to children, families, individuals and issues. IPS Reconciliation from an Indigenous Perspective training courses offer participants learning opportunities to foster a new way of being in relationship with the diversity of Indigenous peoples in a variety of contexts.

Our participants include leaders, government employees, service providers, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, parents, caregivers, and youth who are using their training both professionally and personally in communities throughout British Columbia and across Canada.

“I am really enjoying the Adoption On Line program. I’m also pleased to say that some of my family members, who have happened to be in or out of the house while I was viewing the course videos, have become very interested in viewing the videos with me, which has resulted in some very intense conversations. I have learned that to be colour blind would be to deny the uniqueness of different cultures, peoples, traditions and systems of belief, and how vital their unique contributions to society actually are.” – Anonymous, Adoption Online training participant